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When exploring Germany, you will, no doubt, be told that you must visit Potsdam, and rightly so. This city, which feels like rural suburbia, reveals the glorious side of German history, with its landscaped gardens, royal palaces and quaint yet cosmopolitan features. Sightseeing in Potsdam will unravel endless delights, and each landmark has its own fascinating backstory, which is why most visitors take guided tours.

Because Potsdam is outside Berlin, we provide two options. You can take the quick and easy train journey there and meet your guide for a walking tour Potsdam, or you can take a driving trip to Potsdam, which includes pickup and dropoff at your hotel. We offer package tours to specific, well-known Potsdam sites, although you can personally customise your trip.

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Potsdam attractions

Here is a list of the top 10 Potsdam attractions to help you decide which ones you might like to visit.

1. Sanssouci Palace and Park
This was the summerhouse and pleasure abode of King Frederick the Great of Prussia. The Rococo-style palace is considered one of the grandest in Europe, while the gardens with their lavish water features are a true sight to behold. Of course, there is much more to Sanssouci than meets the eye, and a guided tour will reveal its many secrets.

2. New Palace
Built between 1763-1769 in the Prussian Baroque style, New Palace is another one of Potsdam’s architectural masterpieces. The lavish interior, including the gilded theatre, harbours an extraordinary history as well as being a pleasure to look around.

3. Orangerie
This is another breathtaking palace, also located in the expansive Sanssouci Park. Built on behalf of King Frederick William IV the Orangerie hosts majestic marble statues as well as a section for beautiful indoor plants.

4. Chinese Teahouse
You cannot miss the delightful Chinese Teahouse with its gilded columns and roof that looks quite like a beautifully decorated teacup. A marriage of Eastern and Western architecture, this pavilion, commissioned by the Prussian King Frederick the Great, is one of Potsdam’s must-see attractions.

5. Old Market
The Old Market, historically Potsdam’s town centre, has transformed through the centuries. The grand Church of St Nicholas and the golden statue of Atlas make this location visible from miles around, while the square hosts attractions like the Potsdam Museum. As with all of Potsdam’s landmark locations, the Old Market has an exciting history, which you will learn about as part of your guided tour across Potsdam.

6. Dutch Quarter
The residences in this village-like suburb of Potsdam were commissioned by King Frederick William I in 1733 to house Dutch craftsmen who worked for him. This little piece of Holland in Germany, which was designed to be a home from home for these workers, is now considered Europe’s greatest Dutch-style landmark outside of the country of Holland itself.

7. Russian Colony: Alexandrowka
Despite the dark World War II period, Germany has a reputation for welcoming foreigners, and the building of Alexandrowka, Potsdam’s Russian Colony, is is part of this. King Fredrick William III commissioned the building of Alexandrowka for Russian entertainers so they could enjoy Potsdam. This section contains, among other things, special green spaces and an Orthodox Russian Church.

8. Cecilienhof
This is the last of the Prussian palaces. From the outside, it looks very much like an English Tudor cottage, but inside, there are 176 grand rooms. A guided tour will familiarise you with not only these rooms, but also with Cecilienhof’s rich history, linked to the end of the Prussian Empire, and its direct connection to the establishment of peace in the International Community after the two World Wars.

9. Belvedere on the Pfingstberg
This Prussian palace, built on top of Potsdam’s Pfingstberg Mountain, appears like an optical illusion with its symmetrical stairways and endless, roofed columns. Inspired by Italian Renaissance architecture, it has the appearance of a haunted castle. Rather than being afraid, we recommend that you take a tour with one of our expert guides, who can explain how Belvedere on the Pfingstberg came about, as well as show you the best spots for taking amazing photos.

10. Babelsberg Park and Palace
Most visitors agree that visiting Babelsberg feels like stepping into a fairytale. The castle remained the summer residence of Emperor William I for over 50 years, and when you see the turrets and lavish ceiling-to-floor artistry, you will understand why. The delightful Park slopes down to the lake and is quieter and more wild than nearby Sanssouci. As with all Potsdam locations, Babelsberg is riddled with history that can be elucidated with the help of a tour guide.

As you can see, Potsdam really is a unique, magical world that must be explored in order to be known. This is why we offer guided tours across Potsdam, led by experts who are eager to pass on information, while ensuring that you develop the same passion for Potsdam and its wonderful sights as them; and being a part of it is really simple. All you need to do is to get in touch with us, and you will be on your way to familiarising yourself with one of the most stunning and exciting locations in all of Germany.

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