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Berlin is a vibrant city with hundreds of things to see and do, but it harbours more than meets the eye. This is why we recommend sightseeing in Berlin with an expert tour guide, who can reveal the hidden history behind even the very best-known landmarks. We offer tours on foot, by bicycle and by car, which are tailored to your needs and interests.


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Berlin attractions

We offer tours on foot, by bicycle and by car, which are tailored to your needs and interests, and to help you decide where to visit, we have compiled this list of the top 10 Berlin attractions.

1. Alexanderplatz
Everyone passes through Alexanderplatz, which is Berlin’s main shopping and transport centre, often without realising how much there is to see. The World Clock and Fountain of International Friendship point towards Germany’s diversity, while if you book a tour, your guide will show you the 1920s buildings, now hidden among the predominantly Socialist architecture. Despite its modern appearance, Alexanderplatz’s history can be traced back to Medieval times. It has metamorphosed through the ages, and taking a guided tour will bring its evolution to life.
2. TV Tower
This 368 metre-high building, inspired by the Soviet Sputnik satellites, is the one of Europe’s tallest structures. A guided tour will teach you all about its East German history as well as the processes through which it became a symbol of reunification. The TV Tower also has a rotating cafe, which provides an immersive sightseeing experience by giving you a panoramic 360 degree view of Berlin.
3. Museum Island
This UNESCO World Heritage Site on the River Spree is home to five renowned museums. These hold a wide range of collections, from Ancient Egyptian relics to Byzantine art, on top of which each building has its own splendid architectural style. There is a lot to see on Museum Island and you may wish to visit more than once, but taking a guided tour will ensure that you come away knowing all of the essentials.
4. Reichstag
Kaisers, Nazis, Soviets and the government of German Reunification have all sat at the Reichstag. An architectural enthusiast’s dream, it has been built, damaged and refurbished in a number of old and modern styles, finishing with the glass roof that symbolises political transparency. Visiting the Reichstag will not only provide numerous photo opportunities, but after taking a guided tour, you will come away with all the need-to-know information on Germany’s changing political history.
5. Brandenburg Gate
This famous 18th Century Neoclassical monument was built as a symbol of peace, although it suffered in World War II. Like the Reichstag, this architectural wonder has experienced a tumultuous history, and while you can walk through it at any time, a guided tour including this site will reveal its deeper secrets.
6. Kurfürstendamm
Kurfürstendamm is Berlin’s best-known boulevard, often compared to France’s Champs-Élysées. Although it is highly urbanised with its upmarket shops, houses and hotels, it is also a place of relaxing greenery. This location holds a lot of history, and being part of West Berlin, it tells not so much of Germany’s suffering and hardship, but rather of glorious freedom and noble splendour.
7. East Side Gallery
This preserved 1,316 metre section of the Berlin Wall is the world’s longest open air art display. After the fall of the Wall in 1989, 118 artists of 21 nationalities stood unitedly to paint this remaining section with images pertaining to the socio-political situation of a once-divided Germany. This gallery, with its 100+ images that show Germany’s transition from turmoil to peace and unity, is a must-see for all visitors.
8. Potsdamer Platz
This town square at the heart of Berlin, once split in half by the Wall, has played a crucial role in the history of East and West Germany. It is hard to believe that the two halves of this lively square, with its glass skyscraper and other modern architecture, were different worlds, and as with Alexanderplatz, its recorded history reaches beyond recent times. There is a lot to take in, but your tour guide will show you Potsdamer Platz in such a way that you will know it like a Berlin resident.
9. Gendarmenmarkt
The third of Berlin’s most famous squares, this is yet another key location for lovers of fine architecture. Its French and German churches are built in very similar styles, and they each contain their own museums. The Concert Hall is also an important landmark, rich in history, and to top this all off, if you come at the right time of year, you will be able to shop at the famous Christmas Market.
10. Charlottenburg Palace
Germany’s imperial influences are undeniable, and nowhere are they more visible than at Berlin’s Charlottenburg Palace. This residence is majestic looking both inside and out, while the gardens are also breathtakingly beautiful. A guided tour around Charlottenburg Palace is a must if you want to gain a deeper insight into Germany’s royal roots.
You can fully immerse yourself in these and many more sites by booking your private excursion. Just get in touch and we will design a sightseeing trip around Berlin that will leave you with extensive knowledge and added appreciation of the city, its history and its culture.

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